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  Instant Diagnostics Software for the Health and Insurance Industry

Health issues can arise out of nowhere and leave you with questions that can�t wait to be answered. Instant Diagnostics is a way to determine possible health problems based on your medical history, family history and other information. Quickscreen.com, Instant Diagnostics is a tool that can determine any warning signs for diseases based on symptoms.

This type of health and diagnosis tool is making its way into doctor�s offices around the nation as medical professionals are being overwhelmed by an increased number of patients. With more patients and less doctors to serve them, Instant Diagnostics is supplying a solution to the problem.

Quickscreen.com takes medical information and symptoms and provides a diagnosis that can be used to satisfy questions. While this is an in-depth tool, quickscreen.com can not be relied upon as a medical practitioner. Only a doctor or trained medical provider should treat you and provide a diagnosis. Quickscreen.com is merely a guide and offers no medical advice.

Where can this software be used? You can use it in the health industry, and on health apps or if your offer health insurance.

We still working on the next smartphone version, and hope to have it on the market in 2012, it will include health diagnosis tool for the insurance industry.


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